Jamice Ivie

Creator of Anchor Weddings.  Received his education from NYU Film School in 2009.

Since then, he has worked as a Creative Media Director in South Florida and Las Vegas, as well as a First Chair Editor in an advertising house in California.

He has always had a passion for film and creating stories - stories that carry on into wedding films. For the past 4 years, he has filled the wedding world with beautifully crafted cinematic creations that have inspired and ignited the imaginations of bride-to-be's everywhere.



Jessi Ivie Anchor weddings SOuth Florida Wedding Cinema.jpg

Jess Ivie

Co-Creator of Anchor Weddings and wife of Jamice Ivie. With a degree in Psychology, she has an unbelievable gift of connecting with couples interested in making their big day unforgettable.

She will sit down with Jamice and our crew to discuss exactly what look best describes the bride and groom - before and after the wedding. She has a knack for decoding desires and needs as well as what would be loved years down the road. It is her goal to help the bride and groom feel comfortable and confident in the work we create.

... And did we mention she can shoot AMAZING videos, too?